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Sep 13


back to hk and in need of an intensive course on reintroduction to civilization. namely, proper use of cutleries, toilet, shower, and wearing clothes that match instead of just what’s not smelly


Jun 06


back to HK. in one single piece, without any missing body parts. as promised =)


Apr 24

Behind all the tears

Unless I have more than 24 hours a day, I’m going to invest it in places where my efforts are being appreciated,  where I am more than merely a replacable inferior entity, a pathetic disappointed soul.

It simply sux when suggestions are being rebut and disapproved, again and again,
when decisions are always made without my aquiescence
Staying silent doesn’t mean I don’t give a shit
I just hated to initiate any disputes
Ruining the chemistry within this unit is the last thing i want to happen
Dictatorship is not the only means to exercise the authority of a sovereign.
Like it or not,
I got my own style of managing a troop
My rationale is to blend in, not to overpower
for the sake of harmony
That’s what makes the difference between a team and a group
and that’s exactly what I found last year

I surrender myself to a season of hardship and misery
yet I’ve strived, I’ve endeavoured.
to hell with respects and authorities
But at least, I hope my existence counts.

I’m sorry, but that’s it.
Till we meet again

All the best,


Apr 02

At airport gate 21

At airport gate 21… leaving for a place where telephones, Internet and any contact with the outside world is a luxury. the only time I can make a call is when I need an emergency medical evauation by a helicopter. so if you don’t hear from me this month, that means I’m still alive. no news from me is good news. see y…ou all in may, hopefully still in a single piece!


Jul 03

DGS open day for alumni

dgs open day for old girls
30 June 07

As I’ve mentioned b4, dgs will be bulldozed and taken down in July 2008, therefore the old girls’ association has organized a get-together open day for alumni to share their memories, take some photos and simply have some fun around the campus, for the very last time for some.

There were many stalls and counters around the school hall, sort of like mini bazaar, and I was on stage, in charged of drawing portraits upon request by alumni for $80 during the event, but first I had to draw for the 2 headmistresses (Junior and senior school)

Our BELOVED headmistress, Mrs S Lau, couldn’t recognize me until someone introduced her ‘artist’
She sure looked shocked, so did I:

“Oh… Lucci…. this is Lucci??? Oh my dear…. Lucci you remember what you did when you were in F.5???????”

I sure did.

so here’s the story:
I was practising my rollerblading around the school carpark for the school musical, when someone suddenly pushed or tripped me so I lunged forward. I felt a crack somewhere near my blades. hmm, the blades were fine, not even a scratch, so I looked down.

“jesus christ, I’m in deep shit”

In front of me was half a car licence plate on the concrete ground, with the rest of it still attached to the bumper of the car.

I placed the detached half back onto the bumper, hoping it would fall off somewhere in the street on her way home so that nobody could be blamed. I then took off my blades and left. What the hell was I thinking? the headmistress must hv been just around the corner, since I was pulled back to the car right away.

“So what are you going to do now?” the headmistress demanded.

“stick it.” I answered

It was only then when i realized there were crowds and crowds of girls standing on each floor of the symon’s block (The building next to her parking space) staring down at this culprit.

Woh hooo! I’m famous!


“Oh Lucci…. do you know where my licence plate is now??”

“Uh… where?”

“It’s still on my car!”

OMG…. I must have done a great job sticking it!!!

“Oh dear… you’ve changed so much, Lucci I could hardly recognize you! You know how much you have changed??? You look so much more mature already! And your voice has changed!! What are you doing now? Oh!! Medicine at CUHK?!! Undergrad at Imperial College? Oh dear…. there’s always a story behind every dgs girl… you know how much I’m always so proud of you girls? Oh Lucci… I have to take a picture with you… You’ve grown up…so much…”

me: -___-”

my friends added (after the headmistress left):
“Yes Lucci has grown up and now she can smash your whole CAR into metal dust”

A view we took for granted: it will be all gone this time next year :(

F.5Z classroom, where I had the time of my life
F.5Z was right beside F.4Z
it is now F.3Z. What for??

The art ‘woom’… doesnt it look like an apartment in a housing estate?
“You ah so loisy! stand heah foh fee meeleets, ha! I can heah you fom da gwound flooah!”
“Don’t smile! I am seeweeous!!”
“Da first wow go to da second wow, the second wow go to the ferd wow, and the last wow come back to the first wow!!”
“Listen! This is Vincent Van Gohhhhhhhhhhh!!!!”
hahaha…  so much fun, I should have taken art fot my HKCEE. I did enjoy art lessons although I never had a grade higher than a D… =p

The school hall, quiet and empty, the perfect venue for acute nostalgia.

The hall piano’s still working! and somebody’s listening!

Some sample portraits.
Imagine yourself at the most bizarre places around campus.
Are you gonna pay $80 for that?

Here, one of my models

The backstage – one of my favorite getaways in dgs

Didn’t I say we can do just about everything in the backstage?

The vending machine by the tuckshop
STILL doesn’t accept octopus card
STILL doesn’t even accept $10 coins.

DGS mosaic done by alumni and present girls on the day.


Jun 19

First year at CUHK

I’ve wanted to summarize my first year at the Chinese University of Hong Kong ever since my summer holiday started, but never found the time to. But I guess I gotta stop procrastinating on this. So ta-da, here it is. Apologies about this delay.

1 year at CU…. I’d say it’s even more fruitful than all 3 years at Imperial College London added up…

I’m by no means undermining my Super Duper Gik Ong universitymates + CLC schoolmates over there in London. You all know how much I miss our times at 33 Palace Gate playing Mario Kart from sunset till sunrise; baking white chocolate + strawberry muffins; sitting around the table working on the V-show booklets; walking home at 2am from N9 night bus station on that slippery kensington high street under the endless drizzle; shopping for hot pot ingredients at China Town and Japan Centre; bumping into friends wandering around Sainsbury’s at 4am searching for discounted chocolate chip cookies… and the warm feeling that a vast majority of my friends actually live within 10 minutes walk from home.

but it’s the actual University life I’m talking about. The quality of time spent at the campus.

Don’t be misunderstood. I very much respect Imperial College London as a university, as much as any other alumni. I did not like skipping lectures like some other colleagues did. I enjoyed strolling across the Queen’s Lawn from Sherfield Building to Skempton building, each step brings about a soft grassy crackling sound with a mild fragrance of an overnight-rain-on-grass, as the reflection of the Queen’s tower comes to view onthe exterior of Sir Alex Flemming building. This routine now becomes walking downhill from Basic Medical Science Building to University KCR Station.

I was a committee member of the Chinese Society as well as Bioengineering Society back in IC, and I did play hockey for a while until practices clashed with Chinese society events. I participated in drama, hip hop and design in V Show’s throughout those 3 years. Nearly an identical clone of my responsibilities at CU – Executive Committee of Asian Medical Students’ Association and Softball ‘jong’, and softball university team.

but it is just different.

Back in IC, interpersonal relationships has been the one single hardest thing to tackle. There were countless moments when I felt indignant, frustrated, especially when it comes to Chinese Society. It may be just London or Chi Soc, but I convinced myself that university must have been a transition between the all-protective high school life and the merciless society. Fair enough, 3 years’ time to adapt to the brutal reality that the world out there is one consisting of bribery, hostility, politics — everybody thrive to be defensive in certain inappropriate ways. I learnt to be tough and do as the Romans do. A different side of me eventually developed. All I thought about before my every move were the consequences for my own good. Things seldom go my way and all I did was moaning– I should have done this or that. I was never ever happy with what I got since all I did was to compare.

After graduation I left for South America and Africa for a little break.

I commenced my CU studies with the same mentality as I did. But one thing shook me.

Life can be simple.

Forget about bribery. Forget about hostility. Forget about politics.

Surrounded by an inoffensive environment, on the contrary, I seem to be much more productive. Not only have I learnt a hell lot more academically, but my extra-curricular-activities are now more than just organizing parties, discos, chinese food fairs. It feels great to realize that I’m on my way to making an impact on the soceity, no matter how insignificant it may seem. This may be the seed to pure contentment — the peculiar feeling I’ve had: when little Angelica smiled at me at the Ecuadorean children’s clinic after her surgery; when Duma the cheetah purred while resting her head on my lap; when the African Bushmen laughed while forcing me to admit that I know Kung Fu just because I’m from Hong Kong. My mental well-being is enhanced by my lowered threshold to satisfaction. Still as ambitious as a Liyeung, but I also learn to pause once in a while, look back at what I already got and count my blessings – CUmedic2011, AMSA, CUHK Softball.

Thanks for reading my blabber. I can’t believe I’m still typing at 3am while I’ve been a walking zombie since 10pm.

Both schools shape me into what I am now.
Imperial College, Chinese University

Some random school shots

pigtail day!


Health Exhibition

Med dance!

Med dance @High table dinner!

2011 @Shaw run!

Jimmy’s birthday party @Mc Donalds in suit (Right after poster SSM presentation)! We sure scared the guts out of all their customers!

dissecting mice embryos….

…then investigating under this powerful Leica microscope (i wish i had one at home…)

this is what I saw…

Yea. Histology lessons do get pretty boring from time to time…

Alex’s, Delon’s and my masterpiece!

My affair kuen kuen! (Snowy white guinea pig for our respiration experiment)

52 dishes of dim sum….. -_-  we couldn’t even see the person sitting opposite ourselves

Did anyone play my game at the medic carnival stall?

Med 1 Degree holders (4 are missing…)

SSM 1006… the winning team!!!

post- presentation celebration!

CUHK Softball… yet another winning team!!

The cup’s OURS!!!

We can do it!

Last but DEFINITELY NOT LEAST– AMSAHK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ooo.. I love this photo

Group 6 at East Asian Medical Students’ Conference!

Sympathetic trunk

AMSAHK @lucci’s