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Aug 10

Stay tuned

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Picture and text journal entries for the missing countries will be added by the end of October
And touch-ups on existing entries will be done

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Mar 17

Wilderness Certification electives in Belize – Disaster relief in Haiti – Sports medicine conference then road trip in Puerto Rico – dolphins in Miami beach – Disney world – Harry Potter land – musicals and baseball in New York City

I MUST PASS MY EXAMS!! Otherwise all these will be shortened into: Prince of Wales Hospi…tal, Hong Kong.


Nov 18

It’s been a year

18 nov.

It’s been a year.
One hard year of severe mental torturing.

I’m sorry to have hurted you, SO badly that you chose to leave me.

Baby, I’m sorry.

I took you for granted, due to the fact that I didn’t realize how irreplacable you were until you left.
I’m really sorry, I do regret what I’ve done, from the bottom of my heart,
and I respect your decision to leave.

It puts me in agony whenever I think of you,
and it breaks my heart just by looking at the photos we took together.

The good old days, you and me, dining together, laughing together, basically doing everything together….
and I wonder if you still remember me now…

It’s too late now. I know you’ll never come back to me. Never.

From now on I’ll learn to treasure what I have,
learn to put myself together, stand up and walk without you,
and I look forward to a brand new life,

for it’s been a year since the day I faced the trauma of losing you…

…my 4 front teeth…

…thanks to baseball


Jun 02

Been sorting out the photos I took in my 3 months’ trip…. omg… 10 Gb of photos…. it takes me ages just to choose which ones to put into my future website…. argh….

Right, here are just few of my favorite pix:


Baby Aloise

DUMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! omg i luv this photo

Nikkita~ Guess what this Cheetah’s famous…. She’s an actress and has acted with Angelina Jolie and Clive Owen in the movie ‘Beyond Borders’

naughty zion

Penduka — a ‘teenager’ male lion whose mane has just started to grow, which makes him look like teletubbies rite now…

timon and pumbaa

timon x2

5 x 2Gb memory cards, about 700 photos in each…. so abt 3500 photos in total…. how the hell am I going to pick the best photos into my website?! I like each and every single one of them!


Jan 11


Listening to Chinese pop songs of approximately 4 or 5 years ago makes me feel kind of bitter….

Those were the songs I listen again and again in that cosy little dormitory room….

People banging into my room without knocking from time to time and I did the same but we didn’t seem to mind.

The microwave and microwavable containers were our main cooking utensils

All the fire drills at 4am and fire alarms due to a burnt bread stuck in the toaster.

Exeat weekends: hanging out in other people’s rooms in other houses and cooking and shopping and slacking

Totally out-of-tune mini musical bands: Playing pop songs the classical way…. (Piano, Violin x2, Cello, Flute, Vocal)

DDR tornaments in the common room

harry potter style trunks full of seaweed, EDO biscuits and instant noodles (which we sell to the gwai mui’s at an insanely high price)

Cooking Lap Mei Rice, then sharing it between 9 people squatting in a tiny little room… omg that’s like a refuge

Midnight birthday celebrations (The birthday girl always pretended not to expect that)… then blowing the candles out of the window in order not to trigger the fire alarm…

Very very very quiet bitching due to the extremely un-soundproof walls

Stolen grapes in the refrigerator

Signing in for 9 people at the dining room and getting caught

Sneeking into others’ rooms during Quiet times

And so much more

All these scenes of the good old days kept coming up my mind…. aw…. what a bittersweet feeling… High school life is just so much fun… kids, enjoy it while you can.


Dec 25

Feliz Navidad!

Feliz Navidad!