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At the age of four Lucci was given a small cheetah stuff toy which she later named “Cheetah-nini” which means little cheetah girl in Shanghainese. She was never seen without that cheetah wherever she went and her love for cheetahs has grown since.

Lucci was first inspired to create a cheetah character in 2006 when she visited Namibia to work for Harnas Wildlife Foundation. She met Duma, a friendly cheetah orphan, and the two formed an intimate bond. Lucci could never forget how those generous cheetahs have shown her the true beauty of love and nature. She wanted to do a little something for them with what she has even after she’s back studying medicine in faraway Hong Kong, a place where wilderness is an unattainable luxury. With conservation of cheetahs in mind, Dumo was born under Lucci’s pen in due course, embracing the mission of prospering his fellows’ continuous survival.

Dumo is now the mascot for Cheetah Conservation Fund, an international charitable wildlife organization whose mission is to be the world’s resource charged with protecting the cheetah and ultimately ensuring its future on our planet.



Since 2011, Lucci decided to include Dumo in her adventures around the globe.
Never did she realized that the curious cheetah made her trips all the merrier!
Eventually Dumo’s friends and family decided to join the fun.

Lucci’s complete travel journal (2000 – 2016) : http://travelog.liyeung.com


Just snippets of my daily life as a medical officer


My wild passion for cheetah is well-known to many, however I’m almost equally obsessed with the remaining 40 species of the Felidae family. While I am not busy photographing felines big and small across the 7 continents (ahem, 6, apparently there isn’t any native cats in the antarctican continent), I can be found slaving away at home, scooping dung out of the sahara toilet of my two cat lords.


various projects, here and there

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Born in San Francisco
Raised in Hong Kong
Educated in London
Traveled to all 6 continents;

I am a cultural coalescence in the dexterity of art.

Fairly witty and very cheeky, sometimes hyperactive:
The excess adrenaline in my bloodstream continuously sparks off supercalifragilisticexpialidociously phenomenal inspirations.

Currently self-employed as a freelance cartoonist X surgeon-to-be X recreational musician X national team baseball player

Ever since Lucci developed the ability to hold a pen, she was never seen without a box of crayons and a sketchbook wherever she went. She has been recording bits and pieces of her daily lives and snippets of her wild and wicked imagination through doodles in all hues, saturations and brightness. When paper ran out, the first blank page of story books, shoeboxes, and the wall became the canvas to her inspirations. However her career in the field of art did not kick off until the age of 6, when she was invited by a milk farm to draw a picture of a cow happily drinking milk in a huge green field, for a television advertisement of their milk products. It was a one-off event, yet it was exciting to see her own picture coming alive on television, and the milk was delicious.

Lucci’s childhood rolled by merrily, although without any significant breakthroughs in her art career, she did went on to win a handful of awards for some trivial drawing or painting competitions, and she published her own weekly comic strips which were very well received amongst her peer group. At school she has always been actively in charge of artwork for various class or school events, However one thing which has always troubled her was that she has never achieved any grades higher than a C in art classes at school. Her art teachers accused her for not painting as she was told; and she blamed it on her teachers who restricted her imagination.

At university she has been in charge of designing for Chinese Society and Bioengineering Society back in Imperial College London; and for Asian Medical Students Association, Medical Society as well as Softball Team at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, during various events such as conferences, health exhibitions and variety shows. Her artwork included and were not limited to: banners, posters, flyers, tickets, exhibition boards, stationeries, delegation T shirt, and website building,

The theme of her artwork has always been things she is most interested in or she can most relate to – medicine, animals, music, baseball, and traveling. She keeps a picture journal of all her trips and in 2006, She published her first book, “Panoramized”, about her life as a volunteer in South America and Africa. Since her entry into medical school, much of her artwork became medically related. She did that both for fun and to consolidate what she has learnt in class.

Lucci held a 2-year fundraising event for the Hong Kong Children Cancer Foundation from 2003 to 2005, where she designed a product line “Pethletes – the pet athletes” and sold products such as umbrellas and bags at the annual Animation and Comics festival. A total of over $20000 was raised. More information of the products can be seen at http://www.liyeung.com/pethletes

Lucci has been taking free-lance design tasks since 2003. Notable clients include General Electrics Medical Equipment,  Adventist Hospital, Tobacco Initiative Project, IFMSA. She is an artist for the HK Baseball Association and published short comics in their monthly newsletter, She has also worked as an illustrator for medical textbooks, both local as well as overseas.

Her proudest creation to date is Dumo, a cartoon cheetah inspired by Duma, a friendly cheetah whom she met and grew fond of when doing wildlife conservation volunteering work in Namibia. Dumo is now the mascot of the Cheetah Conservation Fund (http://www.cheetah.org) and will continue to strive to promote conservation of his fellow species.